October 2, 2022

THX 1138 w/Martin Kessler - PDSMiOS 170

<p>You know that guy George Lucas? He made other things besides Star Wars. Actually, that is a terrible way to introduce this episode. The kind of hardcore sci-fi fans that subscribe to this podcast no doubt are aware of the movie THX-1138, they probably have strong opinions about said film! Well <b>QUIET DOWN</b>. It’s our turn to talk about this particular science fiction PICTURE. </p>

<p>Joel here. I had not seen this movie before I recorded this episode. Along with special guest <a href=”https://twitter.com/MovieKessler”>Martin Kessler</a> (Writer for The Pink Smoke and guest on Shoot the Piano Player among other great podcasts), who had seen this movie before, we managed to scrape away at the the surface of this surprisingly deep movie. One watch and I walked away with so many references that I had seen in other movies. I had no idea how much of an inspiration this movie served for the sci-fi filmmakers that came later. James Cameron, Ridley Scott, some other people I am forgetting (reminder: My brain is not a sponge but rather a pitcher of knowledge in that it overflows and things spill out). I highly recommend THX 1138. The visuals alone are worth the watch.</p>

<p> To check out more of Martin’s work, please click any of these links!</p>



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<li><a href=”https://thepinksmoke.com/DoublePortraitandSeascape.html”>The Pink Smoke DOUBLE PORTRAiT & SEASCAPE</a></li>

<li><a href=”http://thepinksmoke.com/germanpart1.html”>The Pink Smoke iN ALEKSEi GERMAN'S ORBiT</a></li>


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