February 20, 2017

The Guyver: PDSMiOS Ep 73

This week on PDSMiOS, we watched the listener recommended movie The Guyver from 1991! Based on the work by Yoshiki Takaya, this particular version is about an idiot who doesn't know Aikido very well but gets a suit of bio-armor which allows him to throw around some monsters. SUMMED UP! Featuring the acting style of the cast of Re-Animator, several special effects artists, and Mark Hamill with a mustache, this beat-em-up action creature feature is almost so bad it's good. ALMOST. And for those Good Times fans out there, don't worry: JJ does say "Dyno-mite" at some point.


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The Guyver (1991)

Directed by Screaming Mad George, Steve Wang

Written by Jon Purdy, based on the work of Yoshiki Takaya

Starring: Jimmie Walker - Striker

Michael Berryman - Lisker

Spice Williams-Crosby - Weber

Mark Hamill - Max Reed

Jack Armstrong - Sean Barker / The Guyver

Vivian Wu - Mizky Segawa

David Gale - Fulton Balcus

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