August 22, 2016

The Abyss: PDSMiOS Ep 49

This week, we took a trip below the waves to check out The Abyss! This really feels like James Cameron's forgotten movie and what stinks about that is its pretty darn good! Ed Harris swims in dingus freezing water while Michael Biehn cuts himself! Chris Eliiot is on a boat (not Cabin Boy) with Dr Kelso! A lady in a straw hat and overalls sings country music whilst piloting a submersible! Now that's a movie! Also, aliens.

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Notes -
Thai food restaurant Oxnard -
Fear of the sea -
Cabin Boy -
Lego Submarine set -
Original vs Director's cut -
Country Song -
Sphere -
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves -
Michael Biehn -
Steven Seagal -
Scott Adkins(NSFW) -
Gi -
Ringo from Tombstone -
ska -
Armageddon -
Baby's got the bends -
Dr Kelso -
Plan 9 from Outer Space -
Watchmen Alien -
Mobius -
Stan Lee/Mobius Silver Surfer -
Stan Lee Mallrats -
"Do you know where I can find any sailors?" -
Breathable water -
2nd banana -
Looney Toons -
Mysterious Purple Ball -
Things that turned out to be NOT real -
Here it is again, Fresno Alien -
"Sphincter factor" -
Titanic on VHS! -
Titanic 3d? -
Jaws wet t-shirt -
Hipster Wedding ring -
L.A. Confidential -
The Right Stuff -
Our Kickstater! Please donate! -
Sarah's Event! -
Sarah Roberts Designs -


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