May 2, 2016

The 10th Victim: PDSMiOS Ep 33

Week 2 of Spencer month. We watched a crazy cool movie called The 10th Victim. Guns and bombs and crocodiles and strip teases and sax players and tea, delicious Ming Tea. It is a really good movie, and I hope you are encouraged to watch it.


Show notes:
The Hunger Games
The Purge
Fembots -
Ming Tea -
Joel says 9 1/2, he meant 8 1/2 -
All These Women -
Belle De Jour -
Italian Neo-Realism -
French New Wave -
The Phantom -
Spawn -
Tim Capello -
Back to the Future 2 Biff pays for cab -
Fashion TV clip -
Obsession -
Paper Back Writer -
Movie Sarah Hates -
Have you guys heard of this movie? -


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