May 9, 2016

Stalker: PDSMiOS Ep 34

This week... you know what? I am still recovering from watching this movie a week ago. Stalker from 1979, a movie about some guys who go to a place and lie down in some uncomfortable areas. Did this movie predict the coming Chernobyl Accident? Is the pursuit of God only for those strong enough to endure the mystery of existence? Do I know what I am talking about? All of these question, and more, are not answered in this episode!


Show Notes ep 34 Stalker
-Chili DOg
-Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
-Neverending story Horse
-2001 Beyond the Stargate
-Brady Bunch Stage Fright
-Baron Harkonnen
-I know you know what movie this is, I'm just be thorough
-In the Mood for Love
-Chernobyl disaster
-Shock the Monkey
-Telephone Line
-Mojave Phone Booth
-Emergency Preparedness
-Predator vs Kevin from Home Alone
-Uncle Kevin
-Terrence Malick
-Stalker Music
-Example of Picard Flutin'
-Anchorman Flutin'
-Movie Joel couldn't remember
-Does the Dog Die
-Letterboxd Sci-fi
-Rotten Tomatoes
-Bedtime Story


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