August 26, 2022

Burst City: (New) PDSMiOS 169

Hello everyone. We're back. Well... to be more precise, I am back. This is the new version of PDSMiOS. One guest with me (Joel) talking about a sci-fi movie we decided on together. An Important WARNING for those with young ones or those sensitive to cursing, I AM NO LONGER BLEEPING OUT THE CURSE WORDS. This decision is based on feedback from a few listeners. I imagine most people won't notice, but for those of you who do, reach out to me on Twitter or at We can probably figure something out.

Anyway, enough house keeping. My guest on this episode is someone I can now call an old friends of mine. He has been my recording partner on Shoot the Piano Player, We Cut Heads, and High and Low. He has been part of the perfect trio that performs on The Arbitrary Indiscriminate Movie Podcast. He is the one called Spencer Seams and he has picked an amazing movie called Burst City from 1982! It is difficult to describe Burst City in terms of subgenre. Let me just say it is part Repo Man, part Fury Road, part A Hard Day's Night, and the rest is some of the most interesting stuff put on film.

I hope you enjoy the discussion we had. I have 4 more episodes ready for me to edit, so keep an eye on your podcast feeds. It's going to be wild.

Check out Spencer's writing on Jailhouse 701: Japanese Cult Cinema and Red Black and Green: A Celebration of African History

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